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  • Print Studio for Artists / Naestved

    The Graphic Arst Print Workshop was established in 1988 with support from Storstroem County. The counties in Denmark were closed down by January 1, 2007, and the print studio is now supported by the municipality of Naestved.

    The Workshop is situated in the beautiful old former Groennegade Military Barracks  - now a cultural center - in the very center of the
    provincial town Naestved in the Southeastern part of Zealand.

    The Print Studio is a cooperative of artists interested in working seriously and professional with printmaking and have a board with 5 members selected by the artists.

    The Print Studio provide facilities for the artists to make prints using a variety of methods including etching, lithography, photopolymer gravure, linocuts, woodcuts, computer graphic and other related processes.

    The Studio / Workshop is small - only about 70 square meters - and it is difficult for more than one or two artists to work at the same time.

    If accepted by the board the artists join on a membership basis and have free access to the facilities.

    Members have added benefits such as participating in frequent courses at the workshop and in exhibitions arranged by the Workshop different places in Denmark.

    sygestald.jpg (12026 bytes)The Print Studio also provide opportunities for guest artists from other Print Workshops and also - on a limited scale - for artists in residence. There is no application form. The board decides on the basis of samples of the artist's work.

    Accommodation facilities: One-room bedroom with bath. Access to fully equipped kitchen.

    The Studio do not give grants/financial support to guest artist and artists in residence.

    Accommodation facilities and use of Studio / Workshop facilities are free, but the artist must pay for the material and stuff used and also the normal membership fee (p.t. 100 Danish kr for one year.) 

  • From January 2010 the Print Studio has opened GrafikGalleriet, a gallery for fine art prints - see the gallery website: www.grafisk-galleri.dk

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